Being 13 is hard!

This summer i am working for my dad at his advertising/marketing office. Don't get me wrong, i've learned a lot, but it makes me think what if we did things a lot diffrently? It also makes me think about the news, and what makes other people angry. My dad's office has a blog of their own: in which i posted my very first blog: PRO WRESTLING COMES TO THE EDISON MALL. If you want to check their blog out feel free! But don't forget to check mine too! Chels : )

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

PDA, When is it too much?

I recently just got back from a Jon Bon Jovi concert with my family in Hollywood, Florida. I loved what I heard at the concert, but NOT what I saw.

Two teenagers were sitting in front of me, and getting on my nerves. Don’t get me wrong I like teens, I am one, but these teens were not acting like they should, especially in public. They were all over each other! It was gross! I couldn’t see Jon, and I really didn’t want to spend my night watching people make-out!

A couple came to sit in their seats next to us, right behind the ‘lovers’. I warned the woman next to me as she sat down that what was in front of her wasn’t pretty. She laughed and said “I’ll say something if it gets too disturbing”. She didn’t know what she was in for.

About half-way through the show Casey, the woman next to me, her boyfriend, Lee, my mom and I had had enough. We started to make fun of them. For example whenever they started to make-out we would lean close to them and say things like; “Ew, gross!” or “I can’t see, can you?” or we could cough really loudly.

We started to talk about relationships and how I should never date a guy like that. Then we started to wonder about their relationship. We wondered about how that guy got the girl on a date. We came up with this theory: we think that the guy got the tickets from his father in order to make himself look good in front of the girl. He asked her out and she said yes, thinking he had gotten the tickets himself, therefore making her look like she had a really rich boyfriend.

It got even worse. The 40-something-year-old and his wife, who sat next to the teen couple, decided to have a make-out contest with them. It was horrifying! I will forever be scared.

Finally, after the make-out contest was over, I couldn’t take it anymore. I tapped both, the guy and the girl, on the shoulder and said “Excuse me, I don’t mean to be rude, and I don’t know how to say it, but can you keep that to a minimum, I can’t see and it’s a little annoying.” They said “Sure,” and turned around. I have never seen such a display of PDA, and immaturity at the same time. They started to make-out and jump all over each other! It was gross.

I have just one question: Why do people think that they HAVE to have so much PDA in a relationship?

I don’t know --- I’m only 13!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Family Gatherings

I love my family, i really do. Just sometimes these family gatherings seem pretty pointless, AND EMBARRASSING!

Like for my cousins second birthday we all went to my aunts house to have a little party. I sat next to the birthday boy as he opened up his gifts, and all of a sudden i got a really cold feeling, then i started to hear people giggling. it turns out my unncle had pour ice cold water down my pants! My legs were all wet and it looked like i had wet my pants!!!!

If yoou go to family gathering and have an embarrassing story you don't mind sharing, please do tell!! ; )


Every kid dreads going to school. But, would it be diffrent if WE got to choose where we went? Would it make a diffrence in the way we acted, our grades, or even, our friends? Who knows?

It's not just the district that gets to choose what school we go to. It's also our parents. If you are a parent of a school-age child you know how it goes. You get to pick the order of the schools on the school choice list. Then people that we kidss have never even heard of, or even met, get to decide which school is 'right' for us to go to.

I am going to be in high school this up-coming school year. My father wants me to go to Fort Myers High School for the I.B. Program. But, Cape Coral High School has the I.B. Program, which means that i would have to go to Cape if i wanted to get into the I.B. Program. My mom won the fight though, I am going to go to Bishop Verot High School.

Why don't I get to choose where i get to go for school? I am the one that will be there 180 days of the year, for eight hours a day!

I don't know - I'm only 13, so you tell me!